Kubz History

Once upon a time General Choi Hong Hi the founding Father of Taekwon-Do decided it was time to bring the wonderful World of TKD to all the little boys and girls of the World. General Choi decided to use the Legend of Dan Gun to inspire a new generation of Taekwon-Do students, so inspired by this Legend, he sent two specially trained Grand Masters, Tiger Grand Master Choi and Bear Grand Master Kim to teach all the little TKD Kubz around the World in an exciting new programme to prepare them to learn all they need, to grow strong and super-smart, smart enough to keep themselves safe! Then one day, they could join at TKD Academy and begin their journey to TKD Black Belt!

The Grand Masters set about teaching specially trained TKD Kubz Instructors in every country to teach and inspire all the little boys and girls, with lots of super-cool TKD drills, mixed with lots of fun games designed to build all TKD Kubz strong and healthy, and teach them that by working together and following our most important rule “to be nice to each other” Kubz could have the most fun ever and at the same time, grow strong and learn how to stay safe!!

Our Taekwon-Do Kubz Grand Masters invite all you boys and girls to join in the fun and exciting World of TKD Kubz and show all who look after you just how strong and super-cool you really are…