The Magic Triangle

Our unique programme links the two most important areas/ people in our Kubz life – HOME and SCHOOL. With our TKD Kubz Programme, thus linking all three together with one purpose, inspiring, educating and keeping your Kubz safe! Firstly and most importantly we will support those who matter most in our Kubz lives, Parents/Carers, with special communication and home drills, designed to inspire great behaviour and monitor and reward all progress.

Secondly schools, by teaching our Kubz “Kool 4 Skool”. Great communication drills, reinforcing the benefits our teachers bring, ensuring respect for teachers with the understanding teachers are on our Kubz side, very often those who have our child’s best interests at heart are viewed as the enemy! Kubz drills change these perceptions by showing our Kubz just how lucky they are to have teachers whose only job is to help them be “super-smart”. We seek permission from these teachers before our Kubz can move up to their next coveted level. With the cool rewards this brings, great certificates, badges and TKD skills.

School/Nursery permission is based on positive behaviour and requires progress, not focused solely on the end result! Kubz rewards every step forward, this teaches both patience and an understanding how fun the journey can be ensuring we praise effort first, inspires great attitudes!! Thirdly, specially trained TKD Kubz Instructors will link all 3 areas that benefit our Kubz the most, and our Instructors through exciting and fun-filled classes inspire our Kubz to achieve skills both physically and mentally you never dreamed your little Kubz were capable of. Emphasising these 3 steps linking the 3 areas dedicated to your little one’s development, ensure our TKD Kubz have the very best start in life, this approach is tried and tested and has been yielding fantastic results for many years.